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Annual General Meetings (AGM)

We hold our annual general meeting in September, hosted by our Board of Directors for registered PARC Members.  The meeting is open to the public although only registered PARC members can vote.

PARC Annual Reports

Our annual report is shared at the AGM, then posted on our website.  Visit our annual report page to view and download reports including financial information. If you would like a printed copy, email your request to: info@parc.on.ca.

Committed to Transparency

We are committed to being transparent about how and what we achieve each year. If you have any questions related to our operations please reach out to us at: info@parc.on.ca.

Board of Directors  – 2022/23

Generous with their time and commitment to deliver on our mission, we are grateful to the PARC Board of Directors; a group uniquely comprised of seven community directors from our neighbourhood and seven PARC member directors.

Tyde Cambridge

Richard (Rick) Edwards

Ko Hosoya

Hazel Jackson

Laura Lesser

Peter Martin

Heather Payne

Aarti Rana

Geetha Rahupathy

Silvia Samsa

Lynne Sky

Kelyang Tenzin

Bruce Voogd

Beryl-Ann Williams