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Housing is a human right.

For PARC, the fight to secure affordable housing for everyone is far from over. We are grateful that for over 20 years, we’ve had the opportunity to acquire and secure affordable homes in Parkdale for our community. Our mission remains to provide a home and the right tools for our tenants to live independently and safely.

Acquisition is the fastest way to get new units into the system given the time it takes (an average of three to five years) to build new housing units. PARC continues to see acquisition as a solution to the ongoing housing crisis in our neighbourhood.

Once properties are secured, there is significant work required to ensure they are safe, adequate and well-maintained. This is our priority and constant focus as we navigate many challenges including decades of significant infrastructure repairs and upgrades to plumbing, wiring, and changes in the building and fire codes as examples.

PARC uses a Housing First Approach as mandated by our funders and reflects a belief of recovery for tenants as it provides immediate access to rent supplements and mental health support services to people who are homeless and have a mental illness.

Parkdale Property Management (PPM)

Parkdale Property Management (PPM) is our full-service property management enterprise primarily serving non-profit owned affordable housing. Responsible for 8 residential properties, PPM provides property management to 151 housing and/or supportive housing units.

PPM’s approach for operations is to develop and implement processes that set performance standards, with monitoring systems in place to review, modify and improve performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is eligible for PARC Supportive / Housing?

To become a PARC tenant, you need to complete an application and occupancy agreement. Our goals are to understand the specific support needs of each individual and to provide rent geared to income housing.

Does PARC receive funding for supporting housing?

The City of Toronto has provided funding for acquisition of property for supportive housing and supports, and PARC also receives funding from the Ministry of Health.

Does PARC manage evictions?

There are two main reasons PARC has pursued evictions. These are (i)non-payment of rent and (ii) significant safety issues:

Non-payment of rent PARC does not process an eviction for non-payment of rent until it is clear and documented that the tenant is unwilling to work on a repayment plan. PARC would only file eviction for non-payment of rent after several attempts were made to engage the tenant and their circle of care to make a repayment plan that works with their budget.

Significant safety issues PARC takes safety and security seriously while managing the rights and autonomy of tenants. PARC takes a multi-pronged approach when addressing safety concerns which includes ramping up support, safety planning, introducing new resources providing education and coaching. Some of the safety challenges that have led to eviction are illegal activity, physical violence/assault, and fire safety.

What happens to evicted tenants and what kind of support does PARC offer?

We work with our housing network and partners to try and find suitable supportive housing depending on an individual’s needs.